Art Walk 2016 @ Plum

On April 1st Norimi Kusanagi held a pressed flower exhibit at Plum on Bainbridge Island. She provided a hands on demonstration of how she presses her flowers. 

"Norimi Kusanagi relishes her morning walks, when she scours the island for new specimens, leaves and flowers she presses and copies on to cards. She's created more than 1,000 different designs since she began her work three years ago, collecting from her "secret places" - public parks and woods across Washington, Hawaii, California, New York and Japan. For the Art Walk on April 1st, Kusanagi presents her springtime collection, featuring camellias, quince, cherry blossoms, and other season blooms, at Plum 124 Winslow Way East." 

 - The Bainbridge Review on Norimi Kusanagi's Plum Exhibit